New Laundry and Restroom Trailer in Northeast Region

On November 30, 2021, the Northeast Tennessee Healthcare Preparedness Coalition took delivery on our much anticipated laundry / shower trailer.

This trailer has a commode, a urinal, a shower, 2 washer/dryer combo units and a sink. It is powered by generator or shore power and has heat and air-conditioning.  It is hard to express how much it means to have access to a shower and clean, environmentally controlled bathroom facilities while you are deployed on a response.  The ability to put on a fresh, clean change of clothes can mean so much to responders in the field.

For those of you that may not know, when the trailer is required at an event, the fire chaplains place the trailer and stay with it, cleaning and maintaining it as needed. When the event is over, they return the trailer to the home location, drain all the tanks, restock any used supplies, and perform any maintenance needed. There is no cost for these services to the HCC.

This regional asset is a much needed addition to the northeast region and promises to make bring a huge improvement to our disaster responses.  The trailer will be housed at the Unicoi Volunteer Fire Department, 3907 Unicoi Dr., Unicoi, TN., 37692.

The coalition would like to thank fire chaplin Paul Trumpore and the others for their work on this project.  We would also like to thank the Unicoi Volunteer Fire Department and all our local fire chaplains and volunteers for supporting and storing our trailer.