The NTHPC is an intricate part of the COVID-19 response in the Northeast Tennessee and Sullivan County regions.  This page has been created to provide the very latest information regarding response operations including the vaccine distribution plan.

New information will be added routinely as it becomes available so we  recommend checking in on a regular basis to stay apprised of developing plans and newly released guidance from the Tennessee Department of Health and the CDC.

Vaccination Plan

The State of Tennessee Vaccination Plan can be found here.  As you read through the plan you will note that distribution of the vaccine is occurring in a phased approach.  This phased distribution is a key element of the plan and is being closely adhered to in our regions.

The information that follows is current as of today’s date, but is subject to change.  Disaster responses require a degree of agility and we are working hard to keep our community apprised of the latest developments.

As of December 17, 2020, there are two vaccines approved for emergency use in the United States.  The Pfizer‑BioNTech COVID‑19 vaccine and The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  The State of Tennessee has not yet developed a VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet) for these vaccine and is directing those who would like to know more about the specifics of the vaccine to visit the manufacturer’s website.  There, you can find detailed information including efficacy, ingredients, contraindications and side-effects.

The State of Tennessee does have general information about the vaccine and links to other sites available at

Within the confines of the phased approach to vaccination, the Northeast Tennessee and Sullivan County regions will be conducting vaccination events in each of the counties we serve.

Phase 1a1 of the distribution plan is poised to begin in late December and will be timed according to the arrival of our allotment of vaccine.  If your facility or organization is a healthcare provider who fits into Phase 1 of the distribution plan and you have not been contacted by our regional staff, please use the Contact Us page to let us know.

COVID-19 Response

While the COVID-19 response for our region closely mirrors that across the state, your regional coalition has taken some exceptional steps in an effort to provide the highest level of service to our members.  Our emergency preparedness staff are assisting coalition members in unique ways as we address the challenges of this disaster response.

Our personal connection to our community inspires us as we work to support the needs of our members.  This support includes things like:

  • Providing operational support at testing sites across the region
  • Providing additional training to facilities
  • Offering long term care facilities the use of a team of specialized infection prevention professionals who make site visits
  • Ensuring the timely flow of useful information from the our state leadership to our regional providers
  • Serving as a conduit for the questions, concerns and feedback from our members
  • Helping to ensure our facilities and organizations have adequate PPE
  • Developing and operationalizing the vaccine distribution plan in our communities

Emergency preparedness was a focus in our region long before COVID-19 arrived.  We have been preparing for disaster responses in our region for years, and we will continue to support the needs of our members to the best of our ability for years to come.

If you would like more information about becoming a part of the Northeast Tennessee Healthcare Preparedness Coalition, complete the information on the the Contact Us page.  Preparedness is a community effort and we welcome you to partner with us as we continue to build the strength and resiliency of our region.